Adjustment of Systematic Microarray
Data Biases
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Welcome to the website companion to Adjustment of systematic microarray data biases (Bioinformatics 20:105-144, 2004).

Here you can find the paper as downloadable PDF version, as well as supplemental figures and information.
We have developed Matlab software for performing systematic bias adjustment in microarray data using Distance Weighted Discrimination (DWD). You can download it here. This has been tested on Matlab version 6.1 and 6.5. It is recommended that the file be unzipped to a new directory.  Further details are in the DWD (Matlab) User's Guide.
With the support of caBIG, we have developed a Java version of DWD. You can download the compiled files here. Further details are in the DWD (Java) User's Guide.
For technical details about DWD, a paper is available here: Distance Weighted Discrimination
If you have any questions about the software, please contact Dr. J. S. Marron in the Department of Statistics at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
View the paper in PDF format
View the figures from the paper:
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Supplemental Information for "Adjustment of Systematic Microarray Data Biases" in Bioinformatics (2004).
Supplemental figures 1-2
Supplemental figures 3-4
TreeView files used in Figure 6
Matlab software for DWD adjustment
Link to DWD graphics page under caBIG project