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BMC Genomics 7(1):96

The Molecular Portraits of Breast Tumor are Conserved Across Microarray Platforms

Hu Z, Fan C, Oh DS, Marron JS, He X, Qaqish BF, Livasy C, Carey LA, Reynolds E, Dressler L, Nobel A, Parker J, Ewend ME, Sawyer LR, Wu J, Liu Y, Nanda R, Tretiakova M, Ruiz Orrico A, Dreher D, Palazzo JP, Perreard L, Nelson E, Mone M, Hansen H, Mullins M, Quackenbush JF, Ellis MJ, Olopade OI, Bernard PS, Perou CM.

Abstract Validation of a novel gene expression signature in independent data sets is a critical step in the development of a clinically useful test for cancer patient risk-stratification. However, validation is often unconvincing because the size of the test set is typically small. To overcome this problem we used publicly available breast cancer gene expression data sets and a novel approach to data fusion, in order to validate a new breast tumor intrinsic list... View Publication or PDF

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Supplemental Information
Figures: Figure1   Figure2   Figure3   Figure4  
Intrinsic: Intrinsic List with Annotation
Figure 2: Cluster file#1   Cluster file#2   Cluster file#3
All: Cluster file#1   Cluster file#2   Cluster file#3
Gene List: 306 Genes
Training Data: 249+5+5
DWD correction: Stanford + Rosetta + Singapore 300 samples after DWD correction and column standardization
Clinical Data: Download GEO
Other supplement Supplemental Figure1   Supplemental Table